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Client:Codegram tecnologies

Date:3 September, 2017

Art direction, design & Animation:Morphika

Teaser for Full Stack Fest 2017 held in Barcelona.
A meeting place for developers devoted to inspire through backend and front-end technologies Codegram ( invited us again to create the promotional piece for this 2017’s edition. We proposed a visual journey through a story that reveals a futuristic programming event called Full Stack Fest. There, you will see the amazing revolutionary wonders, where there are breathtaking code transmutations! Self-learning machines that can predict your most intimate desires, and much more! Becoming inspired by the retro-futuristic 40-60's imagery we wanted to recreate some kind of fair event showing the wonders of the future seen by the past, machines that can do everything you do nowadays with code (back-end, front-end).